'Solenoids & Asteroids' by Graham Pilling


Image of 'Solenoids & Asteroids' by Graham Pilling

Graham Pilling is a graphic artist from Leeds, U.K. His work is a healthy blend of design and illustration; delivering bold and compelling visuals for a diverse range of businesses, bands, and individual projects. He is old enough to have spent a great deal of his youth (not to mention a great deal of loose change) in dingy arcades. As a result, the bright graphics of early arcade machines, old comics, and a love of the distressed and half-toned visuals of punk rock records and fanzines have undoubtedly crept in as influences in his current bold and graphic style.

On his design:

"There's something really compelling about the space under the glass on a pinball table. Like a miniature theme park or haunted house, full of lights and trapdoors and moving parts, waiting to be explored. I wanted to reference the feeling of that sealed, otherworldly environment and decided depicting it as a space scene would be a good way to go. Initially I started sketching out designs as if they were to be used as an actual table layout but they seemed too flat to me, like they weren't adequately conveying the space that I wanted them to. So I came up with a more lively space battle scene in a style that might have been used as cabinet or scoreboard graphics, and the vibe seemed to click. As a designer I often have to be rather restrained with colour and composition, so it was actually a lot of fun to pile on all the elements to give it that really frenetic 'multiball' feel. I really enjoyed creating this piece of art and I hope it goes some way to capturing part of what makes pinball tables so enticing."

18" x 24" 5-color print on archival, acid-free paper.

This print is limited to a regular edition of 100, a foil variant edition of 20, and includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity.