'Light 'Em Up' by Drew Millward


Image of 'Light 'Em Up' by Drew Millward

Drew Millward likes to draw ‘the old fashioned way’, using pencils, pens and a love of the craft of illustration, while also incorporating a lot more technology into his practice. While his subject matter can vary dramatically, he hopes that the attention to detail and the love of drawing is apparent throughout his work. He has exhibited throughout the US, UK, Europe and beyond, as well as having the pleasure of creating work for an ever growing international client base.

On his design:

"I once played on a pinball machine. I enjoyed it. Although I wasn't very good. I am drawn to commercial and applied art. The limitations of processes and the application of art holds challenges from which come timeless images, making the crossroads of illustration and design a fertile and interesting ground. Pinball design appeals to these interests."

18" x 24" 4-color print on archival, acid-free paper.

This print is limited to a regular edition of 100, a foil variant edition of 20, and includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity.